12 Gauge Hi-Tensile Carrier Wire


Designed for automatic, double-ram balers, our 12-gauge galvanized hi-tensile carrier wire withstands 145,000-175,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) and boast a total load strength of 1256 to 1385 lbs.

Load StrengthTensile StrengthElongationDecimal SizeCarbon Grade
1256-1385 lbs 145,000-175,000 PSI 7-11% 0.104 - 0.106 inches 1065 (High)
STEMS (Average 1,330 Pounds)
The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2 close

12 Gauge Hi-ten Galvanized Stem Wire

Does your business go through a significant amount of cardboard each day? Do you use a baler to condense the cardboard and any other recyclable materials? If the answer is ‘Yes’ to both questions, this means you will require a large amount of robust baling wire. 

A solution can be found in our 12 gauge hi-tensile carrier wire.

This wire is available in large quantities, with the shipping weight typically sitting between 1,300-1,500 pounds. When you have this amount of wire on-hand, there’s no need to delay the recycling cycle because you won’t run out of stock. While purchasing this amount of carrier wire might seem excessive for your budget, it’s important to look at the cost per pound. In this sense, you are receiving a quality product that fully delivers on value. 

Yet what makes it a quality product, exactly? This is mainly down to its high tensile strength. The 12 gauge galvanized steel wire is remarkably strong, which means it can withstand the large amounts of pressure delivered by baling machines. Because of this, double-ram auto tie balers – one of the most demanding machines of its kind – won’t cause the wire to unexpectedly break, cause delays, and hurt your overall levels of efficiency. 

As it is galvanized, the baler wire is also given an extra element of resilience. This is down to the layer of zinc that is applied to the stainless steel. With a galvanized steel wire, it will be better protected against the elements. The reason for this is that zinc is much less likely to corrode than steel, so it essentially turns into a protective layer against wet and humid conditions. 

Why Choose Our 12 Gauge Galvanized Steel Wire?

Due to the care, attention, and experience we possess, we’re comfortable in saying that Cardboard Baling Wire stocks the best 12 gauge hi-tensile carrier product in the United States. 

This is down to the fact we never make any concessions when manufacturing our 12 hi-ten galvanized stem wire. We only use materials which are classed as superior grade. On top of this, we also implement the latest technologies. We never simply sit still on a certain manufacturing method – it’s our mission to continually strive towards improving and refining our process.

Our 12 gauge galvanized steel wire brings a mixture of strength and value. Even if the wire isn’t as thick as a 10 gauge, it features a hefty load strength of up to 1385 pounds. Combined with a high tensile strength of 145,000-175,000 PSI, and this galvanized steel wire will make easy work of even demanding baling tasks. 

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