11 Gauge Hi-Tensile Carrier Wire


Designed for automatic, double-ram balers, our 11-gauge galvanized hi-tensile carrier wire withstands 145,000-175,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) and boast a total load strength of 1640 to 1832 lbs.

Load StrengthTensile StrengthElongationDecimal SizeCarbon Grade
1640-1832 lbs 145,000-175,000 PSI 7-11% 0.119 - 0.121 inches 1065 (High)
STEMS (Average 1,330 Pounds)
The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2 close

11 Gauge Hi-ten Galvanized Stem Wire

When a business goes through a large amount of baling wire on a daily basis, this brings up two important points. One, the company will require a regular and ample stock of bale ties. Two, the wire will have to be robust enough to deal with the constant processing of cardboard, plastics, and other recyclable materials. 

This is where an 11 gauge hi-tensile carrier wire fits the bill. 

Built for auto tie balers – including a double-ram variety – this 11 gauge galvanized steel wire is reputed for being immensely strong. It’s not going to break when faced with a little bit of pressure. In fact, this specialist stem wire can hold up against even the most challenging of circumstances. 

While its strength might be the main asset, this isn’t all that 11 gauge galvanized steel wire has going for it. The baler wire’s shelf life is also long, thanks to being galvanized. The reason for this is due to the zinc, which is applied during galvanizing, that coats the stainless steel wire. Once the molten zinc has hardened and fully covered the wire, the product is instantly stronger against the threat of corrosion. Zinc is much less likely to suffer from corrosion due to wet or humid conditions, so it effectively acts as a shield against the elements. 

Due to having an increased lifespan, the 11 gauge galvanized steel wire can be kept around for longer. As a result, you can buy the product in bulk without fear it will deteriorate as time goes on. 

The Reasons to Select Our 11 Hi-Ten Galvanized Stem Wire 

Now you may expect us to be confident of our 11 gauge hi-tensile carrier wire, but this confidence is far from misplaced. As the highest-rated cardboard baling wire seller the United States has to offer, we have to take great care in delivering high quality products and services. 

To turn this into a reality, we need the right mix of materials and processes. This is why we only opt for materials that possess a superior grade. Combined with the latest technology in the baling field, and our galvanized steel wire is correctly recognized as the finest on the market. 

As for our 11 gauge galvanized steel wire, this is one of the strongest products we have available. This carrier wire not only has a high tensile strength that can hold up against 175,000 pounds PSI, but it also features a load strength between 1640-1832 pounds. 

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