10 Gauge Hi-Tensile Carrier Wire


Designed for automatic, double-ram balers, our 10-gauge galvanized hi-tensile carrier wire withstands 145,000-175,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) and boast a total load strength of 2014 to 2505 lbs.

Load StrengthTensile StrengthElongationDecimal SizeCarbon Grade
2014-2505 lbs 145,000-175,000 PSI 7-11% .132 - .135 inches 1065 (High)
STEMS (Average 1,330 Pounds)
The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2 close

10 Gauge Hi-ten Galvanized Stem Wire

If your business bales large amounts of cardboard and other recyclable materials on a day-to-day basis, it’s essential you select a baler wire that is up to the task. In that regard, one of the best options is to go with a 10 gauge galvanized steel wire. 

Why is this type of galvanized steel wire recommended? One word: strength. This carrier wire is incredibly strong and robust. It has no trouble dealing with even massive amounts of pressure, and this is particularly the case for 10 gauge hi-tensile carrier wire. Due to this resilience, the wire is ideal for use in double-ram auto tie balers. 

The stem wire’s toughness is further enhanced by the galvanizing process. Thanks to the stainless steel wire being coated in zinc, galvanizing gives it an extra layer to battle the strenuous baling conditions. However, a galvanized wire has another significant benefit. Due to zinc being much less susceptible to corrosion when compared to steel, it acts as a protective covering against the elements. This means the structural integrity of the carrier wire won’t be compromised in humid and wet conditions. 

When handling a large amount of recyclable materials, you require a significant amount of high tensile wire stems to always be on-hand. This is why our bundles of this baling wire often sit between 1,300-1,500 pounds. While the initial outlay may seem pricey, the bales are competitively priced per pound – there’s no worry about not receiving your money’s worth. 

No Other 10 Gauge Hi-Tensile Carrier Wire Compares

You might have browsed other websites that list a 10 gauge galvanized carrier wire for sale, but now you have found the best supplier. We don’t say that lightly, either – we have built up our reputation as the premier cardboard baling wire provider through years of hard work and dedication. 

So what makes our 10 gauge galvanized steel wire so special? Simply put, we never take any shortcuts. We combine the latest technologies with premium materials, creating a refined product that cannot be beaten. You can also be assured that, if any defected wires are accidentally manufactured, these will never make their way to the public. Our stringent quality control ensures the 10 gauge galvanized steel wire for sale is at its 100% best. 

As for specific details about this 10 hi-ten galvanized carrier wire, this is our most robust product. It can handle a huge 2505 pounds load strength, which means it can deal with large quantities of cardboard, plastics, scrap metals, and more.  

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